Srixon is one of the worlds leading ‘sports companies with a strong international presence. With a focus on golf, and a large number of patents worldwide, they have a number of leading brands such as Dunlop Slazenger.

OK Nederland

Jan-Willem Westerhuis and OK Nederland have been strong supporters of Dutch golfers and The Dutch Junior Championship for a number of years. I feel very fortunate to have their support this year.

Verhagen Breda BV

Michael Verhagen has a keen interest in fast cars, motor-racing and golf. I can’t help him much with the first two but I look forward to spending some time on the golf-course with him and I welcome his support for me this year.

CLUB De Hockey en Golf Specialist

My longest-standing sponsor, CLUB is the place for all your golf and hockey gear. Their extensive selection of products from all leading brands offers you a very wide choice, with the service and hospitality of a family-run business. Togther with J Lindeberg they keep me looking smart on and off the golf course.

J. Lindeberg

Since 2020, J Lindeberg together with Club Hockey and Golf has provided all my golf clothing. J Lindeberg is a Swedish clothing brand, a real trendsetter and one of the world’s leading sport and fashion brands. Their high-quality lightweight materials with a wide choice of colours and prints are really eye-catching, on and off the golf course.

Quality Roofing Systems

QRS believes that a bright, sustainable future requires attention for the present. They invest in quality and expertise and share it with others. In doing so they form a cohesive unit with ther partners and strive for the most innovative and highest quality roofs.

The AfterSales Group

A genuinely client- and customer-focussed organisation, the AfterSales Group provides innovative after-sales and insurance solutions for their clients, increasing customer loyalty, reducing costs and helping improve the bottom line. It’s great to have their support this year.


The Outpost Club’s Mission is to cultivate a thriving golf society that signifies the very best in the game – where the golf course design is compelling, the camaraderie towards fellow members is genuine and the experience is always memorable.

LIMES international

Realising cross-border ambitions, LIMES international advises individuals and companies that operate across borders.

This year I will do business in over 20 different countries and I am proud to have the support and advice of Nick Domburg and the whole LIMES international team.

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